COVID 19: 5 accessories that can help protect you from the pandemic!

Liiper- Covid-19

No one likes it but the reality is that Covid19 came to stay for a good time and we need to adapt our lifestyle. After a first phase of general confinement, several countries are lifting some restrictions and, little by little, people are trying to rescue some “normality”. It will not be an easy process, […]

Mother’s Day Special: 5 Gifts to Show How Much you Love your Mother

Liiper - Mother's Day Special

As you know (or you should know) the Mother’s Day date changes in different parts of the globe. Still, May is the month in which most countries in the world mark this very special occasion. In fact, it’s just a day when we try a little harder to show how much we appreciate our mothers […]

Are you quarantined? Decorating is therapeutic!

Liiper - Quarantined

Are you quarantined? Decorating is therapeutic! When the world faces one of the greatest challenges to human resistance, the majority of the population is advised to be at home. Going shopping can be a little scary but let’s focus on a positive aspect: there are no health risks when shopping online. And this is a […]

How Special our Family is To Us

Liiper - Family

Special days with family: Dress up to rock! Only we know how special our family is to us. Grandparents, father, mother and brothers, they are all special in our life. In fact, there shouldn’t be a specific day on the calendar for us to remember to pamper them a little. But it is good to […]

The Top 5 Reasons Why Wearing Leggings Is So Good

Liiper - Yoga Lux Leggings

The Top 5 Reasons Why Wearing Leggings Is So Good We start by saying that this text is for girls. Today the highlight is leggings. This piece of clothing came to our closets a few years ago. It came smoothly but was soon controversial. Then it became very popular and there must be very few […]

10 Best Gift Products 2020 to Offer your Girlfriend

Liiper - Offer

Find out our 10 best gift products to offer to your girlfriend on Liiper The time to offer a gift to our better half does not need to be a distressing moment. Yes, it is true that we must appreciate the people who are important to us through gestures and words. But it is also […]

The Advantages of Shopping Online

Liiper - The advantages of shopping online

The advantages of shopping online Thanks to advances in technology you no longer have to leave the house to get what you need. Buying online has more and more fans and it’s no surprise this happens because this type of market is constantly growing and is very complete. It is very easy to find a […]


Liiper - Social Media

Welcome to LIIPER This is an online store where you will find fashion products and decor at great prices. We have our designs, but you can be the one who creates your own brand image. Our purpose is to help you feel comfortable, stylish and confident. Our service specializes in making clothes, accessories and decorative […]

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