Common Questions

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Como registar-se no website Liiper?

Este vídeo é uma breve explicação de como deve registar-se no nosso website Liiper. 

Como consigo entrar no site com o telemóvel?

Este vídeo é uma breve explicação de como devo entrar com o meu telemóvel website Liiper. 

Como recebo o meu serviço digital?

Este vídeo é uma breve explicação como comprar um serviço digital na nossa loja. 

Do I have to buy a domain?

If you do not already have a domain for your new website, then by filling out our website form Liiper will indicate the domain you want and this way we will buy the domain for you in the accommodation you have chosen

Do I have to buy host?

If you do not already have accommodation for your new website then just click on the “recommended accommodation” button on our website liiper form to see the accommodation we recommend for your new website. The purchase of accommodation is the responsibility of the customer, we only recommend in our opinion what the best accommodation will be for your need. 

How long will my website or app take?

We simplify things with our form so that we have the things we need for the website or app right away. This way we are more effective in delivering your project as quickly as possible. 

Can't find the service I'm looking for?

If you do not find the service you are looking for in our store then just contact us and propose the service and in 24 hours we will give you an answer if the service can go to our service store.  

Will I have costs to download the files for free?

There will be no cost when downloading our free files. All files are free version in the wordpress directory. 

Are the free files reliable?

Yes, they are files extracted from the wordpress directory and their content has been analyzed. 

What if I need to modify my order?

Get in touch with us and we will analyze your situation in order to modify your request 

Is the payment secure?

Yes, it is safe. We work with secure payment systems like Paypal and Stripe. 

Has my payment blocked what I do?

Get in touch with us to analyze the situation and then you will be contacted if necessary 

I was not satisfied with the service provided, what can I do?

All of our services are guaranteed to be refunded in credit on our website within up to 3 days. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the service, please contact us for a refund of the service.

What is Liiper credit?

Liiper credit allows you to deposit an amount on our website and pay later for any service that we make available on our website.

I don't want to receive Liiper credit what can I do?

We ask our customers to read our terms and conditions before purchasing any service on our website in order to avoid this type of situation. Since the Liiper does not return the service provided without any Liiper credit in any form of payment. 

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