Pedro Santos

IT – Valsteel

Ana Torres

Restaurant Owner - “Eat Well”

Manuel Silva

Businessman, DentalSchool


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Need to modernize your wordpress website? This service allows you to modernize your wordpress website in a few weeks.

 clock circular outline  20 - DAYS   exchange 1  3 - REVIEWS 


This service consists of removing any image background for your company or project. Liiper designers will remove the funds they deem undesirable, imperceptibly.

 clock circular outline  8 - HOURS   exchange 1  3 - REVIEWS 


Do you need to make a backup to your wordpress website and do not know how? We make backups of wordpress websites and migrations in 8 hours in an efficient and simple way.

 clock circular outline  8 - HOURS   exchange 1  3 - REVIEWS 


Benefit from this service that uses modern and sophisticated techniques. Coloring photos in black and white has never been easier. With Liiper your old photos take on color! Surprise family and friends.

 clock circular outline  2 - DAYS   exchange 1  3 - REVIEWS