Are you quarantined? Decorating is therapeutic!

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Are you quarantined?

Decorating is therapeutic!

When the world faces one of the greatest challenges to human resistance, the majority of the population is advised to be at home. Going shopping can be a little scary but let’s focus on a positive aspect: there are no health risks when shopping online. And this is a great help in this time of anxiety.

Despite the concern for our health and the people we care about (and everyone else too!), it is urgent to try to create conditions at home so that our days are comfortable and normal, as much as possible.

Do you feel that your house looks like a prison and that you spend all your time doing routine tasks?

Well, in our opinion, there is a solution for this: change the decor!

It is important to make our home a place where we like to be. And we have several suggestions that in addition to being trendy can transform your home’s rooms more special.


1 – Posters

Bird Box:

Mona Lisa Coronavirus:

Pink Bird:


2 – Bag chairs

Calcite Bean:

Rhyolite Bean Cover:


3 – Pillows

Love Black Cats:

Premium Solo:

Pug Wulfenite:


All of these examples are statement pieces to any room.

Which one do you like the most?

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